My neck stiffness was really begining to get me down when a friend told me about an ad in the paper for IDD traction therapy. I was told that I needed 10 treatments to decompress my neck, which were painles and certainly did the job.  I now have full movement in my neck which makes driving a lot easier and I no longer have the daily headaches and migraines. I am very pleased with the treatment. Mr NG

After 3 years of worsening leg and back pain, I was at my wits end.  I had heard good reports about IDD traction therapy and so contacted Mr Giblin and signed up for the 20 treatment protocol.  I was told that  many patients don't feel a big improvement until about the 13th treatment on average, but I have to say that the improvement was immediate. Five months later and I am still pain free.  I would definitely recommend IDD traction therapy. Mr. SD

I had severe leg pain due to a massive disc prolapse, which had kept me from sleeping for months.  The spinal surgeon told me that there was no way back from this and that I needed an operation.  I had a series of IDD treatments at the Hythe Spine Centre and my problem resolved completely.  The spinal surgeon was astonished when he reviewed the following MRI which showed no prolapse whatsoever.  I am now back to exercising on a daily basis and completely pain free. (Ms NR)

I suffered with leg pain for years, so consulted a private spinal surgeon to see if a laser discectomy or Gelstix would help.  I was told that my back was so bad that he could not help.  In desperation, I went to see Mr Giblin at the Hythe Spine Centre. I was initially sceptical, but by the 7th treatment the horrible toothache like pain in my legs started to subside.  By the 15th treatment the pain had gone. I am very pleased with the result. ( Mrs B)

Clive is a life saver!  I was in a terrible state, having had months off of work and suffering so much pain, life was hardly worth living.  I had put off having treatment due to unfounded fear of making it worse. With a combination of Osteopathy and IDD therapy, I am now 90% better, back at work and feeling great.  Thank you!  (Ms TH)

"For the past four years I have had continuous pain in my back and legs. Physiotherapy and acupuncture made very little difference. Then I discovered IDD traction therapy. After a few sessions I noticed an improvement. Now I am not taking pain killers, am pain free and walking much better. I can honestly say IDD therapy has given me back my life. Although it was costly (£1500 for 20 treatments), I feel it was worth it to be mobile and healthy again." ( Mrs A P Margate).


IDD therapy is absolutely marvellous! I am now upright and can feel my toes for the first time in 28 years.

It has changed my life.  I am so grateful and now coming off of my painkillers.  (Mr BC)

“I had tried 3 other osteopaths none of which made any impact on my condition. I have to admit that I was sceptical when Mr Giblin said it would take about 4 treatments to get me pain free but he was spot on. I am very grateful and now just go every 6 weeks as a general MOT and always come out feeling much better than when I went in, even if I thought that I was relatively pain free”.
Mr T.B.

Our twins were due to have an operation for glue ear but after 6 sessions for glue ear each with Mr Giblin the operation was no longer necessary.  Mr &Mrs S

Very quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem, that  other osteopaths and chiropractors that I had been to had had failed to do.  Highly recommended. Mr C B

Clive is a fantastic osteopath.  Having had many over the years, I think I am qualified to say he's definitely in the top class.

I entered the clinic in agony and left half hour later completely pain free! Mrs GM

10/10  Very professional and gets to the root of the problem quickly. Mr PC

Very friendly, helpful, sympathetic and professional.  Very effective treatment!  Mrs J F

I have been attending the clinic on a fairly regular basis for about 6 years and have found a lot of help for various problems(mostly age related, I'm 93) and much support.  Mrs V C

Clive is always able to diagnose exactly where the trouble is and has always dealt with my back pain well.  I have recommended him to numerous friends who are all pleased with their treatment.  Mrs S O

Because Clive always seems to cure any aches and pains wherever they are, I highly recommend the Red Lion Clinic.  Mrs J W

I was told by my G.P, that being 80 years of age I should expect to be in pain when I consulted him about my neck. After 6 visits to a local osteopath I was told that there was nothing more that could be done. I had virtually no movement in my neck and was in constant pain. I am amazed at the results that I have from Mr Giblin. I am pain free and have full range of movement in my neck after only 4 treatments.
Mr K.W.

My G.P. told me that the reason I was in pain was that I had crumbling spine and that I would always be in pain. I heard about Mr Giblin who explained how he could help me and that crumbling spine is not a very helpful description of my condition. After 2 treatments I was almost pain free and now go once a month to stay pain free.
Mrs C.H.

I had suffered headaches and migraines on an almost daily basis for 15 years. I went to see Mr Giblin about my back, not realizing that he could also successfully treat headaches. Mr Giblin explained how the headaches were caused by problems in my neck which were caused by having one leg longer that the other. After the first treatment my headaches had gone and I feel like I have my life back. Since getting the orthotics suggested by Mr Giblin I am virtually pain free everywhere.
Mrs D.S.

When I first met Mr Giblin I was literally doubled up. I am 90 years old and wish that I had discovered Mr Giblin years ago, as he has given me my life back. I am now upright and far more mobile.
Mrs J.K.

Our baby son was a restless sleeper and always crying non stop. I heard about cranial osteopathy and that it was good for babies to help them sleep and improve digestion. Mr Giblin used a mixture of cranial osteopathy and what he called classical osteopathic techniques and I have to say that the change is dramatic. I can’t recommend him highly enough.Mrs E.D.

I have suffered for years with back pain and came to Clive Giblin at a point when my back had gone again and was as bad as it had ever been. I would recommend Mr Giblin to anyone suffering back trouble as he was able to immediately diagnose my problem and carry out a short regime of treatment. I was pain free after 3 sessions and now only need top-up sessions. I remain reassured that the techniques Mr Giblin uses are going to sort my back out. I would never have contemplated acupuncture but Mr Giblin is able to combine this as part of an overall package of treatment techniques that are aiding my recovery. I would urge anyone with back trouble to see Mr Giblin as a fully qualified and properly registered osteopath.
Mr J.L

I had ten sessions of cosmetic acupuncture and was amazed by the results.  I particularly enjoyed the facial massage with the organic potions, after the needles come out.  I would definitely recommend cosmetic acupuncture.  Mrs S R


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